Ludmila Balandina, General Director, a registered Russian and Eurasian patent attorney, obtained a Masters Degree in biology and chemistry sciences at the Moscow State University, holds a Ph.D in genetics and molecular biology from the Russian State Institute of Genetics and Selection (Moscow). She has trained in IP firm in Washington, studied Patent and Trademark Law at Osgoode Law School (York University) in Toronto and worked as a manager in innovation marketing industry in Toronto.

Being the Head of the Biotechnology group at the «Sojuzpatent» under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR and the Russian Federation for over 8 years, she has extensive experience in all aspects of Patent Law especially in patent prosecution of biotech inventions throughout the world. Ludmila continues to focus on patenting inventions in the field of molecular biology, genetics, immunology, diagnostics, therapeutics, virology, microbiology, gene therapy and nanotechnologies.

Member of AIPPI and LESI

Mariya Andreeva, a registered Russian patent & trademark attorney, and Eurasian patent attorney, obtained a Masters degree in metallurgy at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and a Masters degree in economics at the Russian Economic Academy, holds a Ph.D in electronics from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics. Mariya completed post graduate study in chemistry at the Moscow State University and training courses at WIPO Academy (Geneva, Switzerland). Mariya also received a law degree from the Russian Institute of Intellectual Property.

After twenty years of practicing in the intellectual property field, Mariya is primary engaged in all phases of Trademark and Patent Law including prosecution of patent and trademark applications, licensing and litigation. She is a member of the Chamber of Court Experts of the Russian Federation and has considerable experience in the protection and enforcement issues of patent and trade mark rights including infringement and unfair competition, holds the Patent and Trade Mark Litigator Certificate.

Irina Smirnova obtained Masters Degree from the Academy of Justice of the Russian Federation as a lawyer, started her carrier in Moscow Laboratory of Justice Expertise as a court expert in 2007, then worked at a law firm as a senior lawyer till 2010.

In his current role, Ms. Smirnova is engaged primarily in counseling clients concerning protection and enforcement of patents, trade marks, copyrights and other issues including transactions, contracts and intellectual property licensing. She has a broad background in patentability and infringement analysis and opinion, and in drafting legal opinions on IP issues.

Ms. Irina Smirnova represents clients in the Chamber of Patent Disputes, arbitration and courts concerning patent, trade mark, domain name, copyright and unfair competition litigation.

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